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Clyde Road

Project description - Canterbury’s red and black
21 Clyde Road, Christchurch
Size Total 203m² – (Lower level 152m² / Upper level 51m²)
Section Size 510m²
This home sits just along the road from Canterbury University, on Clyde Road. The perfect location for the original owners at the time to walk to work and teach their lectures, then return home at their own leisure without the worry of having to contend with traffic.
Two double bedrooms & the family bathroom are on the ground floor, with both bedrooms having direct access to the private landscaped garden. Upstairs nestled under the eaves you will find the spacious master suite, with ensuite. The second living room is also up here, used as the ideal retreat for a home library/ study area.

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Traditional English Canterbury shape and form were the first thoughts for the design by the clients. To maximise natural light and to create a feeling of spaciousness within the small footprint plan, the design opened up the inside to high cathedral ceilings, leading towards the master bedroom loft area.

Design features and creative solutions

The use of permanent sustainable materials, local red brick and acquired black natural slate tiles, where a must to allow the design to stand the test of time. These were then softened with the natural cedar timber, to create a modern balance with the heritage lines of the exterior and finished with copper spouting to tie it altogether.
The ceilings throughout this home are pitched and finished beautifully in warm t&g silver beech timber craftsmanship. Large windows are cleverly placed to ensure you can maintain privacy, while still letting in the warm light. There are many features in this home that surprise & delight, from the spiral staircase to the exposed steel beams that frame the dining area, to the built-in pizza oven in the back garden.
The garden is anchored by the protected deciduous tree to the north boundary along the road frontage. Under council planning, any 10m dripline building setback requirements are challenging. This is made more so, with a smaller section like this project.

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Campions Road

Project description - Rural Cust Retreat
91 Campions Road, Cust
Size Total 256.42m² – (Plus 17.24m² Covered Roof Area)
Section Size 5.6377 ha
This design had to allow for family independence when needed, with its different zoned wing areas. The master bedroom had to be separated from the other three bedrooms to provide a retreat for owners Brad and Kylee, away from the busy family life.

The entertaining kitchen area had to be seamlessly connected with this outdoor living area. Very much a family sized home, the property offers a variety of options for outdoor living for different times of the day.

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Lucknow Place

Project description - O’Neill Residence
4 Lucknow Place, Cashmere, Christchurch.
Size Total 310.54m² – 
(Main level 291.85m²/ Basement level 18.69m²)
Section Size 969m²
Having built their original family home over three decades ago on this site, the O’Neill’s did not let the 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes stop them from leaving this amazing location.
The O’Neills wanted their earthquake rebuild home to continue the memories of their original family home into the future. This time the design brought the four bedrooms down to the same level of the entertaining open plan living area. Thus, still allowing for space for large family gatherings and entertainment summer functions by the swimming pool.
“Something different from the original home design” was requested this time, with the same family values.

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Story of a rebuild in Christchurch

Story of a rebuild in Christchurch

The stunning five bedroom house that stands on the site today brings together a strong vision and excellent design principles. While the floor plan is similar to that of the previous home, the design brought in a new level and opened up the space to promote indoor-outdoor flow. As Jeff explains, the four-metre high ceilings with 1100mm wide eaves over the living areas help to create the feeling of openness, and also allowed for Glenn’s industrial detailing. Wanting to connect the living spaces with the fantastic outdoor deck, large glazed areas enhance the flow between inside and out. For Jeff, ‘it is satisfying to see Glenn and his family back in their home where they wanted to be.
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